Why GlobalGiving?

collageSome people have asked why Action Two Africa is partnering with GlobalGiving. “Why can’t I donate money directly to Action Two Africa?”

Below are some important details about why Action Two Africa has partnered with GlobalGiving:

  • Action Two Africa is a Kenyan-based organization, meaning that it cannot obtain a 501(c)(3) nonprofit status with the IRS
  • In order to be able to accept tax-deductible donations and send money to Action Two Africa’s Kenyan bank account, we partnered with GlobalGiving, a US-based organization that helps nonprofits in other countries, like Action Two Africa, accomplish these goals
  • All donations to Action Two Africa must go through GlobalGiving; sending money any other way incurs extremely high international fund transfer fees
  • 85% of each donation is sent directly to Action Two Africa and is put towards sponsoring needy children’s educations
  • GlobalGiving charges a 15% transaction fee for all donations made to Action Two Africa; this is an extremely reasonable fee given the services that GlobalGiving provides to Action Two Africa
  • GlobalGiving connects Action Two Africa to new donors, provides us donor management tools, and gives us the ability to receive tax-deductible contributions in a secure, transparent platform
  • If that’s not enough, 96% of that 15% fee goes directly toward programs and services that GlobalGiving delivers to Action Two Africa and other similar organizations, meaning that over 99% of your donation goes either directly, or indirectly back to Action Two Africa’s work
  • To learn more about where this 15% fee goes, read this blogpost
  • Charity Navigator (an organization that evaluates charities) has rated GlobalGiving with 4 out of 4 stars for financial performance, and accountability & transparency performance
  • We trust GlobalGiving and are extremely grateful for the services they provide to make our work possible!

To donate to Action Two Africa’s Open Challenge project through GlobalGiving, click here!SONY DSC

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