Raphael’s Transformation


*This update is from Humphrey Muchuma, founder and CEO of Action Two Africa, and a dedicated Kenyan citizen

Raphael is a 17-year old boy from Kiambiu. I have known Raphael’s family for a long time. They have lived in Kiambiu since 2004. Last year, Raphael’s mother came to me, very concerned. Her son had always earned good grades in school, but a few years earlier, things had made a drastic turn for the worse.

Raphael’s parents had fallen on hard times. Money was scarce and his mother was having a hard time keeping up with school fees for her seven children. After graduating from middle school, Raphael was forced to drop out of school because of lack of payments. But things continued to get worse. Because of not being in school and having too much free time on his hands, Raphael ended up joining a group of street thugs. In his own words, “In the process of staying home for that long, I started engaging in bad companies, where my mother saw that it was not well.” Raphael began terrorizing the community, stealing and recruiting others to join his gang.

Scrambling to pull together funds to get him back into school, Raphael’s mother was pushing herself to the limit. Last year, she came to me, and after explaining their situation, we decided to enroll Raphael in Action Two Africa’s Child Sponsorship Program.

Raphael is now back in school full time. He has joined his school’s football team, and we have seen an incredible improvement in his academics and behavior.

Raphael is not alone. We have continued to see incredible changes in our community in Kiambiu thanks to the work of Action Two Africa. The children regularly meet at our office to discuss life and the challenges that they are facing. These meetings aim to strengthen their resilience so they can have the confidence to face and resolve the difficult challenges they encounter in life. It also helps the children to identify their inner strength and mobilize the resources in the community.

The transformation that I’ve seen in the children who are enrolled in Action Two Africa’s Child Sponsorship Program is tremendous. Most of the children are developing good self-esteem and they are now living as role models and agents of change in their community, helping their peers and inspiring others around them.

It is incredible to see our mission being realized. Children in this community are being inspired and transformed. They are being empowered through education. I am humbled to be a part of this work. I thank God, and I thank the generous partners that continue to support the work that I am so passionate about continuing.

Thank you to everyone!

Humphrey Muchuma, Founder and CEO, Action Two Africa


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