Open Challege Update

action2africa005Help Action Two Africa: this is our one chance

We have 30 days to raise $5,400 from 40 different donors.

If we’re unsuccessful, we will no longer be able to fundraise in the US.

What’s Our Mission?

  • Get Kenyan kids off the streets and back into the classroom

  • Use education to help break the cycles of poverty that victimize children and prevent them from having a future

What’s the Problem?

  • The average household income in the Kiambiu slum is $36 per month (that’s $1.20 per day)

  • Over 15,000 children in the Kiambiu slum aren’t in school because their families can’t afford school fees

  • Lack of education directly leads to: increased HIV and AIDS infection rates, increased number of orphans, vulnerable children, child-headed households, child sex work, violent crime, and drug & alcohol use

How Can You Help?

  • Partner with Action Two Africa to provide academic sponsorships for children in the Kiambiu community

  • Help us raise $5,400 to provide a full year’s sponsorship for 10 children (this cost also covers lunches, medical support, transportation, & school uniforms)

  • Donate as little as $15 toward Action Two Africa’s Open Challenge through GlobalGiving*

  • Donations made on “Bonus Days” June 11th and June 18th will be matched at 15% by GlobalGiving

What’s the Impact?

  • Sponsored children are more likely to graduate both secondary school and college, have salaried employment, and be leaders in their communities

  • Through education, children are empowered to make changes in their communities and overcome poverty

  • Give a child an education and you give them hope for the future, the chance to make a difference, and the tools to give back

The Bottom Line

This fundraiser is about more than just sponsoring children’s educations though; we need to succeed in this fundraiser if we want to continue being able to raise money for our cause in the future.

We have 30 days to raise $5,400 from 40 different donors.

If we’re unsuccessful, we will no longer be able to fundraise in the US for any future projects or child sponsorships.

Why is this 30-day challenge so important?

  • Action Two Africa is a Kenyan-based organization, so we cannot obtain 501(c)(3) nonprofit status with the IRS

  • In order to be able to accept tax-deductible donations and send money to Action Two Africa’s Kenyan bank account, we need to partner with GlobalGiving, a US-based organization that helps nonprofits in other countries, like Action Two Africa, accomplish these goals

  • In order to prove to GlobalGiving that we are a capable organization, we are required to raise $5,400 from 40 different donors in the month of June

  • This money will go toward sponsoring 10 vulnerable children’s educations**

  • If we succeed in this endeavor, we will become long-term partners with GlobalGiving, meaning that all future donations will be both tax-deductible and sent directly to Kenya for our projects

  • However, if we are unsuccessful, Action Two Africa will not be able to fundraise in the US, we will not be able to accept tax-deductible donations, and we will not be able to send money from America to Kenya to support future sponsorships

Join the Cause

*To donate now, click here

*To check out the legitimacy of GlobalGiving, click here

**To find out how GlobalGiving will use your donation, click here

To read more about Action Two Africa, click here

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