Girl’s Power

Empowering girls matters. According to The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), when girls are in school, they are “less likely to marry early and against their will; less likely to die in childbirth; less vulnerable to disease; more likely to have healthy babies; more likely to send their own children to school; and more likely to acquire the information and skills that lead to increased earnings.”

Education does much more than just keep girls out of trouble; it provides them with confidence, positive self-esteem, and the hope to envision a better world.

Meet Jackline. We recently accepted this ambitious 15-year old into our Child Sponsorship Program. Jackline’s dream is to one day go to university and become an accountant. Young women like Jackline are the backbone of change in the Kiambiu community (and beyond)! We take the responsibility of helping her achieve her dreams through education very seriously! Through educational empowerment, young women like Jackline are provided with the tools to bring sustainable change to their families and communities through small business development and the pursuit of a stable career.

Join with us to help these girls achieve the power of their potential!

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