Education Equals a Brighter Future

What does education really do for young women in Kenya?

While education is important for everyone, it is an essential area of empowerment for young women in Kiambiu, Kenya.

Education provides stability. Being in school helps to provide a consistent schedule, stable meals and housing, and the chance to grow and flourish in a healthy environment amongst a community of peers.

Education provides protection from human trafficking and sex work. Human trafficking is rampant in countries around the globe, and this does not exclude Kenya. Young women in Kenya are vulnerable to being illegally transported for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labour. If a young woman is in school, this helps to keep them off the streets.

It provides a future to help stop the cycle of poverty. Education equips young women to prosper economically, and empowers young women to have a positive impact within their family and community.

It provides hope.

It promotes self-worth and confidence. Even with odds stacked against them, the young women in our Child Sponsorship Program are powerful, full of drive to get an education, and desire to make a difference within their community. After all, knowledge is power, and with an education, young women can unlock countless opportunities that can positively shape their future. Nancy is a perfect example of this. Nancy first became a part of our program in 2014, and after graduating in 2016, she went on to college. Currently, she is going to school for Laboratory Technology, and is just one of the four amazing young women in our Child Sponsorship Program who has graduated and gone on to college!

Ultimately, education empowers young women to grow and flourish. While Nancy is just one of the many girls in our program who has graduated high school and has moved on to higher education, we hope with your continued support, we are able to continue to give these young women hope, and a brighter future.

Nancy (right) with one of her classmates

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