6 Days Away


      June 1st is fast approaching and we are excited and anxious about what is going to happen during GlobalGiving’s June 2014 Open Challenge.

      The Open Challenge is an opportunity for us to be accepted as long-term partners with GlobalGiving so that we can use their resources to help Action Two Africa fundraise and make connections for the future. But the best part about the Open Challenge is that it gives us an opportunity to try to raise a little over $5,000, which will be used to provide educational sponsorships for 10 vulnerable Kenyan children for an entire year.

      The importance of education to the future of Kenya, and the world, cannot be overstated. Through education, children are empowered to make changes in their communities and overcome the shackles of poverty. Getting out of poverty enables children to better themselves, and the world as a whole. Give a child an education and you give them more than opportunities; you give them hope for the future, the chance to make a difference, and the tools to give back.

      We will be making a link available on our website June 1st through which you will be able to read more about our project, find out who it impacts, and see ways that you can help support our mission, including donation options.

      Thank you to those who have already pledged their support in this endeavor. We hope and pray that many more will come along side us and Action Two Africa to help change the lives of children, and the future of Kenya.

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