2nd Annual Garage Sale Fundraiser


Summer is in full swing and, looking back, we are amazed that a year has already passed since our Open Challenge and the start of our partnership with GlobalGiving! During the Open Challenge, we were able to raise $8,130, enough to provide school sponsorships for 13 Kenyan children. We were so humbled and grateful for the generosity of those who donated to help make this dream a reality.

During the last year, as Humphrey continues to oversee the disbursement of funds and the progress of the children in the program, we have continued to be amazed at how well the children are performing in school, and how these sponsorships have helped to reshape and energize their dreams for the future.

Last month Christina and I also held our 2nd annual garage sale fundraiser in Madison, WI. This garage sale is powered entirely by donations from friends and other supporters of Action Two Africa. About six families donated items this year, and over three days, we were able to raise about $1,300. This money, combined with what has been donated online, is enough to pay for the school fees seven of the same children in our program for next school year.

In order to ensure that the remaining six children are able to continue their educations this coming year, we still need to raise another $3,240 before the end of the summer. We have set big goals in the past, and have never ceased to be amazed at people’s generosity. The part you’ve played in providing for the needs of the children of Kiambiu has been central and vital to the fulfillment of our mission. We appreciate everything you’ve done, and continue to do, to help encourage everyone involved, from the administrators to the school children, in the work of Action Two Africa.

Thanks so much!


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