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“Towards My Dream” A Reflection by Daniel


True transformation is a journey, and when followed closely, the changes that result can be powerful.

One of Action Two Africa’s main focuses is transformation through education. Not only does education bring hope to communities, but it paves the way for empowerment as well.

Meet Daniel. Daniel has been a part of Action Two Africa’s Child Sponsorship Program since its inception back in 2013. Daniel is now 17-years old, and his focus has not wavered in the last two and a half years. He wants to go to college and become an engineer. When we asked Daniel about how the program has impacted his life, he had the following message for us:

“I used to spend my time roaming in the village but now I have been able to be retained at school without being sent home for lack of school fees. I am not idling around as I used to, when at one point, I was almost recruited to join the bad groups that are involved in criminal activities and terrorizing members of the community. If it weren’t for the program, maybe I would be dead or in jail. But now, through education, my behavior has changed.”

Action Two Africa is proud to be a vital part of the community in Kiambiu. With the building we rent, we are able to provide a space for the children to come after school or during vacations to talk and share what they’re going through with other members of the community. Daniel testified first-hand to how these relationships have helped him build his self-esteem and the ways he’s seen improvement both at school and at home.

When Daniel was asked about the lessons he’s learned, he quickly responded by saying that “Even though we pass through challenges in life, we should not give up. We should see opportunities in challenges.” He said we should work hard to progress, learn to appreciate and help each other, and embrace encouragement and hope, as they are the key elements to building one’s self-esteem.

“Education has brought about a great change in me. My course is clear. I am certain of what I want to do with my life. My dream is no longer a dream, and each day, I move closer toward achieving it.”

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