Office Space Garage Sale


One of Action Two Africa’s deepest desires is to be a place where people in the Kiambiu slum can come to seek refuge and find services that Action Two Africa offers. A big part of our mission is community transformation and we believe that one of the first steps toward achieving this goal is to establish a presence in our community.

Towards this end, we have been looking for a location in Kiambiu that might serve as an effective office space, somewhere that we can conduct day-to-day affairs of the organization, but also a space where children  can come and be guaranteed a safe, quiet place to write sponsors, discuss struggles, read books, and do other activities during school breaks. Additionally, this space will serve as a place where we can hold board meetings, where people from Kiambiu can hold community meetings, and ultimately, a place where we can come together to develop strategies for making lasting changes in the Kiambiu community.

Last week, we held a fundraiser garage sale to raise money for this purpose, and we were overwhelmed by the number of people that donated items for us to sell. At the end of the two-day sale, we’d raised enough money to rent an office space in Kiambiu for approximately four months!

Thanks so much to everyone who has bought into our vision equip and empower this community to make sustainable changes in their environment! More thanks to those who are supporting this vision in tangible ways!


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