Office Space Garage Sale

One of Action Two Africa’s deepest desires is to be a place where people in the Kiambiu slum can come to seek refuge and find services that Action Two Africa offers. A big part of our mission is community transformation and we believe that one of the first steps toward achieving this goal is to […] Continue reading →

Open Challenge Success!

We are humbled to announce that at the end of the June 2014 GlobalGiving Open Challenge, Action Two Africa is now officially partners with The GlobalGiving Foundation! The Open Challenge was a smashing success and we are incredibly grateful to all the friends, family, coworkers, loose acquaintances, and complete strangers who, through their prayer and […] Continue reading →

Open Challege Update

Help Action Two Africa: this is our one chance We have 30 days to raise $5,400 from 40 different donors. If we’re unsuccessful, we will no longer be able to fundraise in the US. What’s Our Mission? Get Kenyan kids off the streets and back into the classroom Use education to help break the cycles of […] Continue reading →

Why GlobalGiving?

Some people have asked why Action Two Africa is partnering with GlobalGiving. “Why can’t I donate money directly to Action Two Africa?” Below are some important details about why Action Two Africa has partnered with GlobalGiving: Action Two Africa is a Kenyan-based organization, meaning that it cannot obtain a 501(c)(3) nonprofit status with the IRS […] Continue reading →

Now Accepting Donations

Donate Now! Action Two Africa’s project through GlobalGiving, “Provide School Sponsorships for 10 Kenyan Children,” is now accepting donations to provide educational sponsorships for Kenyan children! Click here to learn more about the project or to donate. We need to raise $5,000 from 40 unique donors in order to meet our goal. Donations as small as […] Continue reading →

6 Days Away

      June 1st is fast approaching and we are excited and anxious about what is going to happen during GlobalGiving’s June 2014 Open Challenge.       The Open Challenge is an opportunity for us to be accepted as long-term partners with GlobalGiving so that we can use their resources to help Action Two […] Continue reading →

2014 Global Open Challenge

Yesterday we received a much-anticipated email from GlobalGiving confirming that Action Two Africa’s application to join the GlobalGiving’s community had been accepted. This is a huge step for us as we are now eligible to participate in the June 2014 Global Open Challenge. What does this mean? Starting June 1st, we need to raise at […] Continue reading →

Action Two Africa’s First Sponsorship!

      We are so excited to be able to announce that our first official school fee payment has been processed through Action Two Africa!       Just under a year after being registered with the Kenyan government as a non-governmental organization, we are making steady progress toward having a smooth system for […] Continue reading →